Episode 3 : The Whiteboard

Hi there!
It’s time for a little update.
Drums are finally done!! 
So we prepared the studio for the recordings of the guitars and bass. We listened to a lot of amp-cabinet configurations and spent some hours to find the right sound for the guitars (for the ones of you who got the terrible “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” : we ended up choosing the Hughes & Kettner Triamp through a 2x12 Marshall cabinet - recorded with two shure sm57 plus a sennheiser md421 , Guitar : Fender Esprit ’84).

Then I prepared the “working plan”, a grid on a blackboard (ok, it is a whiteboard actually) with the tracklist on rows and instruments on columns. Just to be sure to not forget anything
As you can see in the photo, the titles are just the “workin’ titles” I use while writing the songs…(let me say that titles like “Mumble” or “Balladero” sounds really PROG!). We started recording with “Syntron” and right now guitars and bass are done.

The whiteboard doesn’t lie, this time we have 8 songs, which is our shortest tracklist ever (but not the shortest album …). The last track, titled “Suite”, is about 11 minutes in length and it is “the big one” this time. I don’t know if we’ll be splitting it into two parts in the final tracklist (the first “movement” marks about 2:10 minutes).
…And now ...I have to work with a Keyboard player ….so….Bye!
(Diego Cafolla)

lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

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