Turning Knobs & Hitting Strings

Here again !

The song “Syntron” (workin’ title) is almost done. Just some acoustic guitars to add, and some other little details. Francesco did a great job on the bass, and for me it was the first time workin’ in the studio with him. And what a pleasure! He is such a tight and disciplined player, with great timing and control.
Great job Man!

Cristian, Thundra, and myself are currently working on the synths. For me, it is a Hate/love thing. Love - because I love the infinite possibilities of sound it has. But I hate how much time you have to spend on it, just turning knobs all the time , in search of the “correct” sound.
The song has a pretty “electronic” vibe, so we keep experimenting with noises and weird stuff…Something we started on Phlegethon, with songs like “Evasion” , but the new one is , in some ways, more prominent and aggressive.

Yesterday Diego started recording the vocals. So next week we’ll probably start to record another song which is (right now) my favourite track on “In Crescendo”, and one of the most beautiful songs by Kingcrow (for me , of course). It is titled “Morning Rain”.  See you next time with some video footage from the studio!
(Diego Cafolla)

lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

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