Episode 4: The Song is Over

“The Song is Over
It’s all behind me…”

Just a little quote from the glorious The Who - Who’s Next” album for saying.. The First song is done and sent to Giampiero Ulacco, ready for the mix! It’s always a special moment when the first song is completed and mixed.
Before, “the album” is still an abstract entity in your head and you have the strange perception the recording sessions are going to be endless (even if you have done this several times in the past, 5 actually, and you know it will not).
But it’s when you’ve finished the first song that the album suddenly became REAL! (And you know how it is going to sound…so it’s better that it doesn’t suck!!!) Anyway, as said before, the song is a straight forward piece, with a catchy chorus, electronic sounds, and a great guitar solo by Ivan… It falls into the “latest” progressive sound - bands like OSI, Porcupine tree etc....
That’s why the original idea was to record it as a bonus track, or, just a b-side for our official web site … But the guys think it works well in the context of the record, so I think it’ll be there… I think it’ll work well live…
Maybe its live debut will be at ProgPower Usa for our American Friends, who knows...
Anyway, as said, the song is over and it is time to start workin’ on the next one, titled “Morning Rain”. I love this song so much… I mean, I love the idea of the song I have in my mind, since we still have to record it (besides the demos).
But I am pretty confident it’ll be good enough when it’ll be REAL. So Ivan and I start with the guitars, then Francesco steps in for the bass, then Cristian with Keys, and Diego for the vocals.. Then all the weird things like bongos, bottle with sand, maracas, breath noises and other body sounds…. I know it is a little bit “unconventional” to record the bass AFTER the guitars, but for us it seems to work better.
Listening to the songs, I realize how complex this album is compared to our previous records. Every song is a little journey in so many ways, and is layered with sounds and things that don’t jump out at first listen, but make (we hope so) every listening a kind of a “new experience”, discovering little details each time… Don’t worry; it is not that kind of “look at me!!! I can do something THAT complex!!” album…I mean, two of the songs are complex enough in terms of structure (about 12 minute’s one and 7:30 minutes the other) with time changes, key changes etc… (What I call “Progitude” – that kind of Prog Attitude).
But at the same time it is full of atmospheres and melodies. For us, it is always about the never ending search of “Heart and Mind United in a single perfect sphere” - as someone better than us once said.
Ok, that’s all for this week.
Oh, just so I don’t forget, here’s a new little video and some photos…a promise is a promise! Bye!
Thanks to Jim Wilkinson for all the help and support! You’re THE MAN!
(Diego Cafolla)

lunedì 6 febbraio 2012

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