Episode 5: Snow & Eggs

Hi Folks!
Back again, and “Morning Rain” is finally finished.
We had some extra work this month… Thundra and I are finishing the new recording studio…The “Sound Under Pressure” studio is moving to a bigger and nicer place, as you’ll soon see…
Devilnax, Cirstian, Thundra, and myself, last week met Mauro Marani of Insign Creative Lab, who is the guy who directed the videoclip for the song “Evasion” . We talked to him about some ideas for the new video. He immediately got the main “vibe”, and just started coming up with great ideas for it. So, I think we’re headed in the right direction to do something interesting on the visual side. In the meantime Devilnax started working on the artwork, shooting weird photos, and doing other curious stuff with eggs…those creative artists sometimes go a little bit psycho…

We just listened to the pre-productions trying to figure out how the music could be represented visually. And we ended up with a bunch of weird ideas…I have to confess that it probably won’t be your typical Prog Metal artwork (even if, let me say, I honestly don’t think we’re a “Prog Metal” band in the classic sense of the word)…but the idea is interesting. We have to look at the real thing to know if it works in the real world .
Giampiero Ulacco is workin’ hard on the mix of the first song. Usually I let him work alone for a first version of the mix, then I’ll listen to it and join the process, suggesting changes and other weird stuff (I know he’d say “breaking balls” hehehe…)

You know, we’re waiting for it with a little bit of curiosity, mixed with anxiety and anticipation (of knowing how the record is going to sound …). Anyway, as said, we started another song titled “Electro” (on the “infamous” whiteboard of course….see previous posts for more info). It is the longest track beside the “Suite” (it is about 7:30 in length) and one of the weirdest in terms of structure and key changes… Anyway, I think it’ll be very funny (hard??) to play live... you know, the harder it is to play, the more fun you have, at least when you play it well.
So we have another video Episode…you’ll catch with your ears, a glimpse of “Morning Rain”...but you’ll have to wait for the record to hear the whole thing I guess…
See ya’…
(Diego Cafolla)

lunedì 19 marzo 2012

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