Episode VIII – On The Road

Hi Folks!
I think this will be the last entry on the blog (the last one about the recordings of “In Crescendo” at least)…The album is finally going to be completed. We saved the big one for the last…The longest track on the album (it comes in at about 12 minutes)…and the hardest to play, probably.

Anyway, “In Crescendo” is almost finished and our feelings at the moment are a mix of excitement, tiredness, and anticipation with the conviction that we have achieved another relevant step in our musical path. This album is about love, hope, death and disillusion, and I think the music fits those themes very well… But, we can talk about the concept when the album is out there, and you’ve had a chance to listen to the disk…

As always, a record is also the result of the effort of several people “outside” the band… So I want to say thank you to Giampiero Ulacco, Devilnax (“Vedere Cammello!”), Mauro Marani, and Jim Wilkinson for helping us so much during those 6 months. 

At the end of the month we’ll be touring Europe with Jon Oliva (check http://www.kingcrow.it/tour.asp for dates) So, I hope to see you there! Oh, and we’ll see you Americans in Atlanta in September…
So, It is time to hit the road again… 

Here are some photos by Devilnax, that were done during the filming of the videoclip for the song "Morning Rain" - directed by Mauro Marani

(Diego Cafolla)

martedì 12 giugno 2012

5 responses to Episode VIII – On The Road

  1. What is the release date for "In Crescendo"? Thanks!

  2. Kingcrow says:

    Hi Jeff, at the moment we don't knowthe release date, anyway I think it'll be september or october!

  3. Thanks! I'll buy it when it comes out! How did "Phlegethon" do?

  4. Any closer to knowing the release date for "In Crescendo"?

  5. Kingcrow says:

    Hi Jeff. The album will be released in the early months of 2013. We're waiting for the release date from the Label. As soon as we'll know it we'll put it on the website, so keep checkin' :)

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